University of Southern Maine 1987 Student Handbook

About this client: The University of Southern Maine Publications Office was my first real design job. I was supposed to be taking PR-type photos for some portion of my duties, but there was never enough time. The Macintosh SE's arrived in the office shortly after I started (thanks to Camille Cole), but the type for this and most jobs was still set on a Compugraphic photo typesetter. Output from the SE was still restricted to 600 dpi laser printers, or we could send out to Imageset Design, the first service bureau in the area, for 1200 repro.

Typographically, the template for this job predated me. (Templates were a huge timesaver with the Compugraphic.) Photo illustrations were made by combining halftones (purple, made by the printer) with photocopies made by me, and shot by the printer as lineart along with the type. I took all but the sports photos myself. Note the emulsion edge on all the halftones indicating that all cropping was done in camera — de rigeuer at the time. (I was taking my first real photo classes at the University, studying with Rose Marasco.) The booklet was printed in black and two spot colors.